Web development tutorials

  • Web development is a technique or process to develop a website from scratch.

  • It is a step by step process that forms the basic structure, the user-friendly interface, and makes it more dynamic.

  • Web developers develop a website from HTML, CSS, JS etc.

Web4college is a platform where you learn how to make an attractive website from scratch. If you are unfamiliar from everything and want to become a web developer, we are here to teach. And you don't need special skills to take a start. Just dig it out.

If you are new in web developement, start learning HTML.

1. HTML tutorials


It is a first and core language to build up the structure of a website. In these tutorials you will learn how to add images, videos, audio, links, lists, tables, forms, formatting, comments, iframes etc. on a website.

Learn HTML fast


<!DOCTYPE html>
 <title>Title of the page</title>

 <h1>This is heading of the page.</h1>
 <p>Here a paragraph is written.</p>

Try </>

2. CSS tutorials


If you have learned HTML, start learning CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). It makes a web structure user-friendly and more attractive. You can style each and every element with the CSS properties.

Learn CSS fast




Try </>

3. HTML-CSS implementation

HOW TO (Creative Work)

Web4College is a unique website that includes the web development tutorials and takes the design of a website to the next level. See the projects that have been made with HTML and CSS.

Learn how to make


Falling banner

This demo should be used to make new offers related to the product.

Sliding links moving to the left.

13. The social links move to the left side on mouse hover.

Sliding links moving to the bottom.

14. The social links move to the bottom side on mouse hover.


Wait! More projects coming soon.


Tip: Go through all of the tutorials because every topic is dealt with the basic concepts, detailed study, important points, examples, and implementations.

Web4College enables you to think about the various aspects of a property, relation between two properties, and it describes how to implement those properties to make new designs.

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