CSS align-content property


CSS align-content property aligns the group of items vertically (along cross/block/column axis) within a flex or grid container. The container adjusts its padding so as to align the group of items vertically.


We are using a flex container as a container to explain this property.


align-content : normal | baseline | center | stretch | flex-start | flex-end | space-between | space-around | space-evenly

Property values


It stretches out the descendant elements to fill the height completely.

align-content: normal;


It aligns multiple objects (elements) within a group on the normal baseline as you usually see the placement of elements on their own baselines.

align-content: baseline;


It aligns the content group in the middle of the container.

align-content: center;


It stretches all of the objects (elements) in such a way that they occupy the full height of the container.

align-content: stretch;


flex-start aligns the content group at the start of the flex container.

align-content: flex-start;


flex-end aligns the content group at the end of the flex container.

align-content: flex-end;


In this case, the first object is aligned at the start of the container and the last object is aligned at the end of the container. The remaining objects are placed in such a way that white space is distributed equally among any two objects. Learn more about css space-between

align-content: space-between;


The objects are distributed in such a way that there is the same space between the objects except at the start and end of the container.

There is half sized space (half of the space that is between any two objects) before the first object and after the last object.

align-content: space-around;


It adjusts the alignment of objects so as to distribute equal space between and around the objects.

align-content: space-evenly;

Applicable to

It applies to multicol containers, flex containers, and grid containers.

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