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All the graphics and content (text, code examples, images) belong to this website only.

What you can do?

  • You may use the small portions of code examples for non-commercial and non-profit purposes such as teaching but with a link back to our website.

  • You may use this website in citations, research, and news.

  • We have a large collection of images relating to our code. You can use these images anywhere but with a link back to our website.

  • You can freely use this website for learning purposes and link back to us without any permission.

What you can not do?

You can not use the code examples for commercial uses. You can't use the large portions of our code examples.

Terms and Conditions

All the pages, code, and other content may not be redistributed in any way, shape, or form without the written permission of web4college.

If you don't abide by any of the above-given rules, it will be subjected to a violation of laws of copyrights.

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