HTML and CSS problems

There are many questions that irritate a designer while designing a website or learning the HTML and CSS. Here, we discuss all of those questions that people encounter mostly and want to get more deeply into the learning.

How to center the content

This article guides us how to align the content at the center of page or other block level element.

How to align content vertically

How to vertically align the text and div element within other elements.

CSS selectors cheat sheet

CSS selectors cheat sheet represents a view of what you'll learn in CSS selectors and it also refers other resources.

CSS descendent selectors

It represents how to select descendent elements and apply CSS properties.

CSS multiple classes

We'll study the behavior of multiple classes differently for an element. And the behavior of one class for multiple elements.

How to change the input placeholder color

In this tutorial, we learn how to change the color and other properties for the input placeholder. We'll see the browser compatibily issues for the input placeholder.

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