HTML dt tag

HTML <dt> defines description term or name as a part of the description list. It represents the term to be defined in descripion list.


 <dd>It is a software that indexes the pages and brings those pages in search results to provide the information to the users.</dd>
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It is a part of the name-value group in a description list. A description term can have more than one definitions in a description list.

Specific uses

The common uses of description term are given below.

  • question-answer (term-description)
  • term-definition (term-description)
  • title-value (term-description)

Related tags

<dl> dl element defines description list.
<p>The paragraph line breaks at <br> element.</p>
<dd> dd element defines description definition(value).
<p>The paragraph line breaks at <br> element.</p>

Global Attributes

All the global attributes are applicable on the dt element.

Tag omission

The end tag (</dt>) may be omitted.

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