HTML embed tag

HTMl <embed> tag helps in integrating the plugin or external non-HTML application.


 <embed src="files/demo.html" width="80%" height="400px">

Try </>

The above example embeds a an HTML page in the page.

src attribute contains the address of the page to be embeded.

Specific uses

Its main use is to integrate applications or interactive content.

Tag omission

There is no end tag (</embed>).

Global Attributes

All the global attributes are applicable on the embed element.

Specific Attributes

<embed> tag attributes

src src attribute represents the location of the external resource.
<embed src="address of external resource/URL">
type type attribute represents the type of external embeded content.
<embed src="address of external resource/URL" type="application/pdf" >
width width attribute defines the horizontal dimension.
<embed src="Location of embeded resource" width="an integer">
height height defines the vertical dimension.
<embed src="URL" height="an integer">anchor text</a>

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