HTML iframe tag

<iframe> tag is an inline frame. It provides frame in a page to browse the content. Content may be a page, image or another website.


<iframe src="files/value.html" height="500px" width="500px">
Try </>

Specific uses

iframe is usually used to browse the content inside a frame.

Tag omission

Both starting and ending tags are necessary for the iframe element.

Global Attributes

All global attributes are applicable on the iframe element.

Specific Attributes

<iframe> tag attributes

src It represents the location of the resource.
<iframe src="Address of external resource" ></iframe>
name It defines a name for the frame so that hyperlink may be browsed in this frame.
<iframe src="Location of external resource" name="unique name"></iframe>
sandbox It specifies security rules for the content inside frame.
<iframe src="URL" sandbox></iframe>
width It defines the horizontal dimension of iframe.
<iframe src="URL" width="500"></iframe>
height It defines the vertical dimension of iframe.
<iframe src="URL" height="700"></iframe>

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