HTML address tag

HTML <address> element is used to represent the contact information or the address of an author or institution.


<p> For example ,Harvard University address </p>
  Address: Cambridge, MA 02138, USA <br>
  Phone:+1 617-495-1000
Try </>

Specific Uses

It may be used at the end of the body so that contact information applies to the whole page.

It may also be used at the end of an article.

The article tag is commonly used with the footer.

Related tags

<address> tag attributes

<footer> It defines a footer for the contact or copyright information.
<footer><small>copyright &copy; 2010, All rights reserved.</small></footer>

Tag omission

Both starting and ending tags are necessary for the address element.

Global Attributes

All the global attributes are applicable on the address element.

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