First page

    We use editors to write html and save it as .html extension. Then we can execute it in some browser such as Google, Internet Explorer, etc. In this tutorial, we'll learn how to make the first page of HTML.

Where to code and how to execute?

Follow the steps given below to make first page of HTML.

1. Code editor

You can use any kind of code editors such as simple notepad or notepad++ for HTML.

chrome browser firefox browser

2. Browser

You must have browsers to execute HTML document. There are several browsers. But we will use Google Chrome.

chrome browser firefox internet explorer

3. First HTML page

3.1 Write the basic syntax of HTML in simple notepad. Select File option in the menu bar and click on Save as.


3.2 Now name the File with extension .html. Find a location and then click Save as button.

how to name a file

3.3 Open the file that you saved. The result will look like this.

result of file

Congratulations! You have made your first HTML page. The title can be seen in the red rectangular box of the above figure.

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