HTML Syntax

HTML uses markups to build structure. It consists of tags, elements, and attributes. Every tag may have one or more attributes.


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>title of page</title>

  <h1>Heading of the page</h1>
  <p>This is a simple paragraph.</p>

Try </>

Terms and Definitions

The terms you must understand before proceeding to the next tutorial.


Tags are special characters written within the angle brackets(<tag-name >). For instance <p>, <h1>, etc.


An element consists of opening tag, closing tag and the content between them.


An attribute makes an element more useable. It consists of name-value pair.

Tags and Definitions


This is a root element. This tag describes that the code written inside these is actually HTML.


Head tag contains the data that other machines read to analyze the page.


Title tag specifies the title for the page. This title is visible in the tab bar.


What we write in the body tag appears on the web page.


This tag is used to write a paragraph.

You'll learn more about tags, elements, and attributes in the next tutorials.

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