HTML Introduction

  • HTML5 is the latest version of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).

  • It uses markups (</>) to make the basic structure of a web page.

  • HTML tags define the basic structure of a web page but they are not visible on the web page.

HTML syntax

The following is the basic syntax of HTML.


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>title of page</title>

  <h1>Heading of the page</h1>
  <p>This is a simple paragraph.</p>

Try </>

Don't confuse yourself with this syntax. It is simple and you will learn it easily in the later part.

A human structure resembles with the structure of HTML structure. head, body, foot exist both in human and HTML structure.

Where to code and how to code?

Code editor

You can use any kind of code editors such as simple notepad or notepad++ for HTML.

chrome browser firefox browser


The HTML document will be executed in some browser. There are several browsers. But we will use Google Chrome.

chrome browser firefox internet explorer

How to make page from HTML?

Write the basic syntax of HTML in simple notepad. Select File option in the menu bar and click on Save as.


Now name the File with extension .html. Find a location and then click Save as button.

how to name a file

Open the file that you saved. The result will look like this.

result of file

The title can be seen in the red rectangular box of the above figure.

What are tags?

Tags are special characters written within the angle brackets(<tag-name >). For instance <p>, <h1>, etc.

Tags are mostly in pair form. A pair consists of the opening (<p>) and closing (</p>) tags.

<p>Here the content represents a paragraph.</p>

An element consists of opening and closing tags ('<p></p>' is an element).



This is a root element. This tag describes that the code written inside these is actually HTML.


Head tag contains the title, metadata and external resources such as CSS or Js files.


Title tag specifies the title for the page. This title can be seen in the tab bar.


What we write in the body tag appears on the web page.


This tag is used to write a paragraph.

You will study more about the head tag in later tutorials. So don't confuse about it.

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