HTML u tag

HTML <u> tag defines the underline text. It is used to underline the spelling mistakes in textual area.

<p> <u> Penguin </u> are flightless birds.</p>
<p> <u> Bats </u> can fly. </p>

Penguin are flightless birds.

Bats can fly.

Tag Uses

Specific uses of <u> tag

There are many other cases where other elements are more appropriate instead of u element.

  • cite is for titles.

  • i (italic) is for ship names.

  • em (emphasize) should be used for emphatic stress.

  • b (bold) should be used for keywords.

  • mark is should be used highlight words in searching process.

Tag omission

Both starting and ending tags are necessary for u element.

Global Attributes

All the global attributes are applicable on u element.

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