HTML tfoot tag

HTML <tfoot> element defines the table footer. It contains the summary or result of the columns at the end of the table.


March $25000
May $28000
Total $85000
Try </>

The blue background-color distinguishes tfoot element from the thead and tbody elements

You can see the sum up of the all the values in the last row present in the tfoot element.

Specific uses

tfoot element takes part in making the model of the table.

Related tags

<thead> thead tag groups all the of the top rows or the rows containing the heading of the columns.
<table> <thead> The headings are present in this section. </thead> </table>
<tbody> tbody groups all the rows that contains basic data.
<table> <tbody> The basic data is present. </tbody> </table>

Tag omission

Both tags may be omitted.

Global Attributes

All the global attributes are applicable on the tfoot element.

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