HTML ins tag

<ins> tag represents an addition of text in a document. The additional text looks underline.


 <p>Here <ins>new paragraph</ins> has been added.</p>
 <p><ins>The meeting data was fixed.</ins></p>
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Specific uses

The addition of text is represented by the ins element.

<p> p element defines a paragraph.
<p>It is a smiple paragraph.</p>
<article> article element defines content which is repeatable across different pages like comment, post etc.
<article> A block of content </article>

Tag omission

Both opening and closing tags are necessary for the ins element.

Global Attributes

All the global attriutes are applicable on the ins element.

Specific Attributes

datetime datetime attriute indicates the date and time of insertion of text.
<ins datetime="2005-03-16"> Here the time of addition of text is present. </ins>
cite cite attriute represents a document which gives more information about the edit content for ins tag.
<ins cite="URL"> you can find more information from the citation link. </ins>

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