HTML autocomplete attribute

autocomplete attribute suggests the input field values to fill automatically to facilitate the user.


<p>By default autocomplete value is 'on'</p>
<p>Acount holder:<input type='text' name='aholder'></p>
<p>PIN:<input type='password' name='pin' autocomplete='off'></p>
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By default, every element in a form hints the user different options.

But if the value of autocomplete attribute is set to off, then form does not give any hint for auto fill feature.

autocomplete attribute values

It is a boolean type attribute. The value of this attribute may be 'on' or 'off'.

The absence of autocomplete attribute means the autofill feature is on.

Related Tags

The autocomplete attribute supports the following elements.

<form> tag

form tag represents a form to collect the data.

<form action="address of file to process data" autocomplete="off"> </form>

<input> tag

input field also hints the user for auto fill feature. autofill feature of input control can be disabled individually.

<input type="text" name="fname" autocomplete="off">

<textarea> tag

autocomplete attribute is also applicable on the textarea element.

<p>change value of attribute from <b>off</b> to <b>on</b> to see the affect of autocomplete attribute.</p>
<textarea cols="20" rows="20" autocomplete="off"> </textarea>

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