HTML loop attribute

loop attribute plays media(video or audio) again from the start when it reaches at the end.


<p>The loop attribute represents that video plays automatically from the start when it reaches at the end.</p>
 <video src="files/Hummingbird.mp4"  height="300" width="300" controls loop>
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loop attribute values

loop attribute is a boolean attribute.

Related Tags

The tags which support this attribute are as follows.

<video> tag

video tag adds video in a page. loop attribute is applicable on the video tag.

See thea above given example.

<audio> tag

audio tag adds audio in a page. audio supports the loop attribute.


<audio src="files/sample.mp3" controls loop> </audio>



src attribute defines the location of the media.

width and height represent the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the media (video/audio).

controls attribute adds controls in the media. The browser adds its own controls.

In the above example, the video seeks back to the start after reaching at the end.

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