HTML cite attribute

cite attribute provides more information about the quoted text to the browser. Remember that it is not for the user but for private use.


<blockquote cite="">
 The WHO Constitution was the first international instrument to enshrine the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health as a fundamental right of every human being ("the right to health").
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The value of this attribute is the URL of the page from which fragment of the text was brought.

cite attribute values

The value of cite attribute is the valid 'URL'.

Related Tags

The tags which support this attribute are as follows.

<blockquote> tag

blockquote element gives citation link of the content which is quoted from another source.

See the example above.

<del> tag

cite attribute specifies a link that represents the information about the deleted text.


<p>This is simple text. Here <del cite="the address of link">the text has been deleted.</del><p>


<ins> tag

cite attribute specifies a link that points to the information about the inserted text.


<p><ins cite="the address of citation link">New text is being inserted and cite attribute gives more information about the edit content.</ins></p>


<q> tag

q element uses cite attribute to represent the source of quoted content.


<p>William Shakespeare says,<q cite="">
All things that are,
Are with more spirit chased than enjoyed.</q></p>

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