HTML datetime attribute

datetime attribute represents the machine-readable value of time. datetime attribute is used where a change in the text occurs i.e. when we insert or delete some text.


<h1>Assigned tasks</h1>
 <p><del datetime="2012-08-07">task1 has been completed.</del></p>
 <p><del datetime="2012-10-02">task2 has been completed.</del></p>
 <p><ins datetime="2012-11-05">new task has been assigned.</ins></p>
Try </>

datatime attribute is used by the browser.

datetime attribute values

The value of datetime attribute is a valid datetime string. There are many other attributes.

  • Month string (2012-05)

  • data string (2012-05-16)

  • yearless string (--06-24)

  • time string (12:05:35)

  • floating date and time string (2012-26-24T12:05:35)

  • time zone offset string (-11:35 or +12:00)

  • Global date and time string (12:05:35T12:00Z)

  • Week string (year-weak and weak=<52)(2012-25)

Related Tags

The tags that support datetime attribute are as follows.

<del> tag

del attribute is used to represent the deleted text. datetime attribute indicates the date and time (optionally) of the deleted text.


<del datetime="2012-02-12">This is the deleted text.</del>


<ins> tag

ins tag is used to represent the inserted text. datetime attribute represents the data and time of the inserted text.


<ins datetime="2012-05-11">Here the text has been inserted.</ins>


<time> tag

This attribute represents the machine-readable value of the time in <time>.


<time>He will publish the novels after<time datetime="2012-02-12">two weeks.</time>


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