HTML high attribute

The high attribute specifies the highest part of the range in <meter> tag.


 <p>Merie's weight: <meter min=0 max=150 value=70 title=kilogram high=78>70</meter></p>
 <p>Cary's weight: <meter min=0 max=150 value=100 title=kilogra high=78>100</meter></p>
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In the above example, the bars are of different colors. One value is greater than the high value. And the other one is less than the high value.

All the values that are greater than high value are called as higher values.

high attribute values

The value of the high attribute is a valid floating point number.

  • Actually, the high attribute helps in determining the optimum range of values. If the value falls above the high value then it means the higher the the better it will be.

  • The value of high attribute should be less than the max value and greater than min value.

Related Tags

meter tag represents the completion of a task in the form of a bar for known range value. For instance, the completion of charging of a battery.

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