HTML start attribute

start attribute represents the custom starting value of the list item markers.


<p>I have visisted the following countries:</p>
<ol start="50">
Try </>

In the above example, the list item markers are numerical values starting from 50 instead of 1.

The numbering of items is increased by one. And the list items are numbered as (50,51,52,53,54...)

start attribute value

The value of start attribute is a valid positive integer.

The presence of reversed attribute decrements the numbering of items by one (50,49,48,47,46...)

The random values can be assigned to list item markers by value attribute.

Related Tags

<ol> tag represents ordered lists. Ordered lists are those where order of items is necessary for a list.

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type attribute defines the type of list item markers.

reversed attribute is also applicable on the ordered lists. It numbers the list items backward.

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