HTML size attribute

size attribute defines the visual size of input field (allows the number of characters to show) or the number of options shown to the user.


<p>which browser you mostly use?</p>	
 <select size="4">
  <option> Chrome
  <option> Firefox
  <option> Opera
  <option> IE
Try </>

In the above example a user can see 4 options instead of one. The value indicates the number of options to show.

size attribute values

The value of this attribute is a valid positive integer.

Related Tags

The tags that support this attribute are as follows.

<input> tag

This element allows the user to enter data in the form. It takes part in making the structure of a form to collect the data.


<input type="text" size="40">


The default size of input control is 20. In the above example, the browser allows the user to see 40 characters.

<select> tag

This element represents different options in the form of drop down list. One option is selected from this list of options.

See the example given above.

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