CSS stroke property


CSS stroke is a shorthand property of stroke-color, stroke-image, stroke-origin, stroke-position, stroke-size, and stroke-repeat properties.

Remember that all browsers do not support it completely. It only specifies the color of the stroke in the browsers.


stroke : currentColor | color-name | rgb value | hexadecimal value

Property values


currentColor keyword represents the same color for stroke as of text color.

stroke: currentColor;


The following demo represents skyblue color for the stroke of an element.

stroke: skyblue;

rgb value

It represents rgb value of a color. The hexadecimal value of red color is given below.

stroke: rgb(255,0,0);

hexadecimal value

It represents hexadecimal notation of red color. The hexadecimal notation of blue color is given below.

stroke: #0000ff;

It specifies the color of stroke only.

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