CSS font-feature-settings property


CSS font-feature-settings property provides low-level control over font features. It provides font-features that are specifically used in rare cases.

The value consists of a string and a boolean. The boolean values (on, off or 1, 0) enables or disables the font-feature.


font-feature-settings : string [ integer | on | off ]

Property values


dlig represents discretionary ligatures

font-feature-settings: "dlig" 1;


It represents small capitals.

font-feature-settings: "smcp" on;


It enables capitals to small capitals.

font-feature-settings: 'c2sc';


It disables common ligatures.

font-feature-settings: "liga" off;

"tnum", 'hist'

It enables tabular numbers and historical forms.

font-feature-settings: "tnum", 'hist';


Tag is too long.

font-feature-settings: "silly" on;


It enables custom features.

font-feature-settings: "PKRN";

Applicable to

It applies to all elements

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